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Company Profile

Phuket Car Rent & Travel
Phuket Car Rent & Travel Co.,Ltd. Was first established in 2002 and operated in Sakoo Street near phuket airport by Mr.Soonthorn Singhmanee and his team formed up car rent service start with 20 cars to support tourist transportation to be more convenient in traveling while staying in Phuket.

Later in February 2004 this company was registered to be a company limited with the registered capital of 1 million baht and does the car rent business to have a high potential in serving all customers with the high standard quality in this industry Mr. Soonthornís business goal is to contribute his customers the best car quality with the full cover insurance and heís also provided 24 hours emergency help, moreover he believes that loyalty to the customer is the most important to his business.

Phuket car rent co., Ltd, has become one of the leading car rent company in Phuket since it proved adequate transportation service to the customer for many years and being accepted worldwide from both Thais and foreigners. However, the company will improve a better service to meet the customerís pleasure.

In 2004, the company was increased the amount of cars to 120 and moved to the new office which for a away from the airport only 200 meters opposite from seven-eleven shop. It located on Sakoo-Airport Street 23/3 Moo 1, Tumbon Sakoo, Thalang, Phuket.

We realized that the parking lot is the main problem since we have many cars then we move to this new building because there is a parking space available in the back, we donít want our cars to make any troubles by parking improper to others. Besides that we also build up our own garage for car maintenances and have the mechanic available here to do the one stop service.

Finally, now Phuket Car Rent Co., Ltd. has the total amount of 150 cars and 25 full time employees, we try to do our best to serve the customers and give them the most impressive service ever and following our motto "be on time, be honest, and be responsible".