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Rental's Guide

Phuket Car Rent & Travel

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Renter Conditions
Additional Driver
Permitted at an additional THB 500.00 per driver per day. Additional driver must meet minimum age requirements.

- Minimum age 20 for car rental
- Minimum age 18 for motorbike rental
- Maximum age - None

Breakdown Service is available. Please contact us.

Cross Border Rentals
Warning : NO Vehicles allowed crossing border.

Currency Information
THB (Thai Baht)

Currency Restrictions

Delivery & Collection
As normal Krabi Car rent policy.

Warning : NO Vehicles allowed crossing border.

Drivers License
- Renters must have held a full driving license.
- Valid driving license form country is required.
- Driver must have held driving license for at least 1 year.
- International Driving Permit is required for renters with permits in Non Roman Alphabet, Probationary
  License is not accepted.
- Rule of road; Drive on the left & seat belt is compulsory (For front passenger & driver)

- Not included in rates, vehicles are rented with a full tank of petrol, which is refilled at the renter's expense
  on return.
- Re-fueling charge at pump price plus an additional 25% as operation cost for re-fueling.
- Thai Government policy on free float price. Therefore, please find below the guideline pump prices:
        Diesel = Approximate at THB 28-29 per liter.
        Super Unleaded = Approximate at THB 30-35 per liter.
        Unleaded = Approximate at THB 24-29 per liter.

Please refer to table for prices not applicable.

Government Tax (VAT)
7% Vat is calculated on total charges.

Comprehensive insurance is included in rental rates (excess 10,000 Baht).

Traffic Violations
Parking tickets and any traffic violations are the responsibility of the renter.

   Phuket has two major seasons, the Rains Season and the Hot Season :
The Rains Season
from May through October. However there are many sunny days throughout the Rains Season: showers customarily last little more than 2 or 3 hours.
The Hot Season
from November through April. Temperatures are highest in March and April. The best months for travel are November through February.
     Average temperatures range between 22 and 34 degrees Celsius.
Happy Safe Motoring Tips
- Thailand adopts the British standard of driving on the left side of the road. Major highways are divided
  dual-carriage. This is of much help to the uninitiated.

- Speed limit for cars is 60 kph. in town, 100 kph. on highways and 120 kph. on motorways except
  when overtaking.

- Road signs and kilometre stones are quite adequate and follow international standards. But it helps to
  keep a mental picture of the route to be taken and distance to be covered and marking them off in
  progress against the odometer so as to be able to give an approximate location as well as to correctly
  judge whether it will be quicker to press on or turn back in case of an emergency.

- Service stations with convenience stores and clean toilets can be found near towns, intersections and
  populated areas. However, it is wise to top-up the tank periodically rather than wait until it’s almost
  empty when venturing into unfamiliar territory. Credit cards are not generally accepted.

- Unless thoroughly familiar with the road, night driving is to be avoided due to heavy truck-traffic. And so
  with dusk and dawn when eerie light can play tricks with driver’s perception of depth and distance.

- Highway police can be reached by dialing 1193 and the Tourist police at 1699. ! In case of an accident,
  follow the instructions given at the time of rental.